Review Notice: Comparison of Machines to Potentize Homeopathic Drug Products

By Eric Foxman, AAHP Secretary

In April, AAHP posted an article about the different machines used to potentize homepathic medicines.

Coincidentally, Homeopathy recently published a paper comparing machines that potentize homeopathic drug products. AAHP will not reprint this paper, A Review of Machines and Devices to Potentize Homeopathic Medicines, due to copyright limitations. However, it is worth the minimal cost and effort to obtain a copy. Every manufacturer, whether or not contemplating automating their attenuation process, should be aware of the contents.

The authors are from the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, both at Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. This well-written article describes a number of different machines used for potentizing homeopathic drug products, as well as critically reviewed operating principles. The authors emphasize that various “previous reviews have explained the mechanism of different machines, [but] the advantages and disadvantages of these machines have not been commented on so far. We have thoroughly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each of these machines.” The authors have suggested five parameters to differentiate and assess the machines’ performances. The authors provide an overall analysis table on the basis of these parameters that they feel are important in light of the theories that have emerged in recent times.

Read more about the information provided in A Review of Machines and Devices to Potentize Homeopathic Medicines at Originally published in Homeopathy (2017) 106, pp240-249, the paper can be downloaded for just $17.00.

Our thanks to new AAHP Member Shiv Asthana of RxHomeo for informing us of this article and providing a few sentences for a glimpse of the breadth of the paper.