AAHP Member teams up With Naturopathic College

In a major show of support for the advancement of homeopathic medicine in the United States, Hevert Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has partnered with the National College of Natural Medicine, pledging its support with a gift of $495,000 that will help provide funding for groundbreaking new college programs through August 2018. The donation will underwrite several key initiatives developed jointly by Hevert and NCNM, including The Hevert Naturopathic Residency Program, The Hevert Homeopathic Symposium, the development of an accredited Master of Science in Homeopathy Degree, The Hevert Starter Medicinary Program, and The Hevert Collection. The grant also includes an in-kind gift of Hevert products to NCNM’s community clinics.

Hevert Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines, is dedicated to naturopathy and the development of high-quality natural medicine. Founded in Germany in 1956 by pharmacist Emil Hevert, Hevert Pharmaceuticals is an independent, family-owned company run today by Mathias Hevert, its third-generation president. In addition to its manufacturing excellence, the company is strongly committed to environmental protection, sustainable business practices and responsibility for its employees and community.

HevertUSA President and CEO Wolf Aulenbacher introduced the new partnership by saying: “It is especially gratifying to me to be able to bring Hevert and NCNM together, not only professionally as HevertUSA CEO, but personally, as someone who has spent his lifetime working with naturopathy and homeopathy. Hevert’s goal is to preserve the rich legacy of naturopathic pioneer Pastor Emanuel Felke and bring our safe, naturally effective homeopathic medicines to the U.S. We are honored to be in the position to support the many uniquely deserving programs that NCNM brings to the natural health care community and public, and welcome the opportunity to contribute toward the ongoing education, continued advancement and, ultimately, increased adoption of homeopathy in the United States.”

Although naturopathic medicine is now licensed in 17 states, the District of Columbia, two U.S. territories, and recognized by the Affordable Care Act, Hevert and NCNM share in the belief that there is still much work to be done to broaden the reach and influence of naturopathy and homeopathy in the U.S. and bring them the recognition they deserve. To this end, Hevert is extremely honored to be joining NCNM in bringing these landscape-altering initiatives to the medical community and public, and looks forward to a long and productive association with its new partner.

For additional program details and information on Hevert Pharmaceuticals, please visit www.hevertusa.com. For more on NCNM, please go to www.ncnm.edu.