2017 Year in Review

2017 year in review

2017 was a busy year for AAHP. With a new administration in the White House and key legislative issues heating up, the association had a full plate. But together with our members, we made great strides in protecting our industry and bettering our businesses. Together, we:

  • Developed a label disclaimer statement responsive to FTC’s November 2016 enforcement policy. AAHP met with the FTC, developed a research protocol, created and tested disclaimer language, and presented it to the FTC. The standardized statement provides protection against regulatory and litigation risks. If taken on individually, this project would have cost each member about $100,000.
  • Welcomed three new members: Energetix, Inc., Forces of Nature, and Natural Ophthalmics, Inc.
  • In conjunction with our lobbyist, visited 15 legislators on Capitol Hill more than 22 times to promote a positive regulatory climate for our products. In one crucial outcome, AAHP successfully garnered support from U.S. Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania toward transparent development of FDA’s guidance for homeopathic drug products.
  • Successfully defended the industry against unintended consequences of OTC monograph reform. AAHP monitored and advised lawmakers on provisions of OTC monograph reform legislation that would have subjected homeopathic manufacturers to user fees.
  • Regularly updated members on hot-button legislative issues such as new/revised FDA guidance, California “false advertising“ litigation, cGMP compliance, finished product testing, and the FDA User Reauthorization Bill.
  • Wrote and shared 46 articles on regulatory issues, compliance, and manufacturing best practices, password-protecting some of the most crucial information for members only.
  • Distributed monthly NetworkNews e-newsletters. A recent survey of readership found that nearly 80 percent of respondents consider the information to be useful or very useful, while more than 70 percent feel more informed about regulatory issues affecting their business after reading the newsletters.
  • Educated more than 100 individuals from over 40 companies through the 2017 Compliance Thru Education webinar series. Topics included pharmacovigilance, HPUS updates, and a two-part series on drug stability studies.
  • Gathered members to learn about new, hypersensitive technologies, recently used by the FDA, that can analyze homeopathic dilutions down to the parts-per-billion level.
  • Held two successful membership meetings that united industry leaders in sharing best practices, learning the latest regulatory news, and networking with peers.
  • Shared our industry’s positive story through press releases, garnering coverage in publications such as Natural Practitioner and Vitamin Retailer.
  • To increase momentum leading up to AAHP’s 100th anniversary in 2023, engaged in strategic planning and also surveyed the membership for feedback on future projects and priorities.
  • Began a research and planning initiative for future grassroots campaigns.
  • Mobilized volunteer leadership, harnessing their unique skills during monthly Board of Directors meetings, twice monthly Legal and Regulatory Committee meetings, as well as meetings of the Business Development Committee, Education Committee, and Editorial Committee.
  • Provided representation in the Homeopathic Action Alliance, a coalition of homeopathic organizations that strengthens community and provides a unified face for homeopathy.