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AAHP Capitol Hill

Developments on Capitol Hill of Interest for AAHP Members

Senate Leadership of Key Committees Overseeing FDA/FTC Will See Changes in Next Congress Leaders of Influential House Committee to Remain but Role Reversal Predicted By...

FDA Warning Letters for Skin Tag and Mole Removal OTCs

By Alvin Lorman, AAHP Counsel The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reminded two OTC drug manufacturers that mole and skin tag removal are prescription-only...
President Template 1200x630

Invest in Your Membership; Invest in Your Staff

To bring more value to the members of AAHP each year, the volunteer board of directors meets for a full day to discuss strategic projects...
Industry Spotlight

The Homeopathic Academy of the Naturopathic Physicians

The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP) is a specialty organization within the naturopathic medical profession. A nonprofit relying on volunteer work, the mission of...
Position Statement

Monkeypox and Homeopathic Treatment: AAHP’s Position

AAHP notes there is no homeopathic literature, homeopathic proving, nor clinical trial which adequately supports a homeopathic drug for use as PROPHYLAXIS (or for prevention)...

Pharmacy Spotlight: Don Summerfield of Medly Pharmacy

What are consumers looking for from homeopathy today? As manufacturers, how can we best serve them? An excellent way to get a pulse on our...
President Template 1200x630

Homeopathic Promoters to Note FTC is Revising its Guide on Endorsements and Testimonials

By Mark Land, AAHP President Of the thousands of homeopathic products in the marketplace, few are ever seen advertised on television - historically, the mass...
FDA sign

Your NDC Numbers are About to Change

By Eric Foxman, AAHP Secretary FDA has published a proposal that will change the required National Drug Code (NDC) format from 10 to 12 digits....
AAHP Summit Attendees

This Year’s AAHP Summit On Hold Until 2023

Now in its fourth year, the AAHP Summit series has gathered the industry for feedback while the HPCUS works through five compliance gaps that challenge...
100 YEARS-4

A Quick Look Back: 100 Years of AAHP

By Eric Foxman, Pharm. (Ret.), AAHP Secretary A hundred years ago the homeopathic industry was, not surprisingly, vastly different. There was no industrial production, and...