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Remote Regulatory Assessments 

Remote Regulatory Assessments  By Alvin J. Lorman, AAHP Counsel  COVID-19 changed the way most people and most organizations operated. Like working from home, some of...
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Improving Your Environmental Reputation 

By Alissa Gould, Boiron USA, Director of Communications  It's easy to argue that homeopathic manufacturing companies are ecological. Afterall, a small amount of resources from...
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Sustainable Packaging: Considerations for Homeopathic Manufacturers  

As our society places increasing emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation, packaging has become a focal point for consumers, regulators, and brands alike. The homeopathic...

Homeopathic Medicines: Good for the Body and Good for the Environment 

By Mark Land, MS, RAC-US, AAHP President The impacts of industrialism have been under attack for many decades. By some measures, previous generations of American...

FDA Guidance Document Development Process 

By Alvin J. Lorman, AAHP Counsel The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking public comment on a draft "Report and Plan on Best Practices...

Communicating About Bioterrorism and Epidemic Disease: AAHP’s Position

The anthrax and related bioterror scares have put quite a strain on the information resources of the homeopathic industry.  The following was developed by the...
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The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists was founded in 1923. At that time, there may have been up to 1,000 pharmacists preparing and selling homeopathic...
Fuuture of AAHP

Future of AAHP 

Increase and Diversify Membership  With the growing consumer interest in homeopathic drug products, more manufacturers enter the homeopathic industry each year. AAHP welcomes all industry...

AAHP 2024 Outlook

By Mark Land, M.S., RAC-US, AAHP President   AAHP just completed our 100th anniversary celebration. The gist of the celebration was presenting our 100th anniversary slide...