AAHP is the leading association for the manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of homeopathic drugs. Together we elevate the homeopathic industry and provide our members with the resources and knowledge to successfully operate in the marketplace.

Membership Benefits


    AAHP’s monthly electronic newsletter includes member-exclusive articles on crucial and timely topics affecting your business. Recent headlines have included “How to Stop Bad Inspections,” and “New Regulatory Requirement!” With AAHP membership, you get custom-tailored industry knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.


    AAHP fights for your right to market your product. This means working with elected officials. AAHP has a dedicated committee, including a seasoned lobbyist, that regularly educates lawmakers on Capitol Hill about our industry and our unique needs. AAHP membership eliminates the expense of hiring your own lobbyist — we have your back covered in our nation’s capital.


    Use the member-exclusive “Ask AAHP” service to receive technical advice and suggestions from board members and other industry experts. Receive advice on questions like, “Can the word ‘homeopathic’ be placed anywhere on my label, or is there a place requirement?” and “Based on the HPUS attenuations listed for Arnica montana, is a 1X attenuation acceptable for OTC external use?” Why get an outside consultant for everyday advice when your AAHP is ready to help?


    AAHP makes sure FDA and FTC hear our members’ perspectives. As an example of the power and savings provided by the association, AAHP hired a third-party consultant and worked with FTC to create proper disclaimer language — a monumental task that would prove too costly for any one company. AAHP helps to shape market regulations in your favor, saving you the massive amounts of time and money it would take to do it on your own.


    The whole industry comes together at AAHP’s semiannual meetings to network, learn, and share knowledge. Members build meaningful relationships and gain insights from the industry’s top professionals and leaders. AAHP membership offers you a seat at the table in shaping the direction of the industry.


     AAHP offers a host of webinars and training programs to help your company achieve peak performance. Session topics include regulation updates, compliance how-tos, and much more. As a member, you receive significant registration discounts for these one-of-a-kind training sessions.

Types of Membership


Includes corporate entities that operate a facility in the U.S. for homeopathic drug products (and when required, maintain a current FDA Establishment Registration Number) and that engage in one or more of the following activities in the U.S.: manufacture, distribute, or sell homeopathic drug products. This is the majority of members and represents the core of the AAHP mission: promotion of excellence

in homeopathic manufacturing, market development and appropriate regulatory oversight. Voting Members are required to maintain an active annual subscription to the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.


Includes corporate entities that do not meet the qualifications of a Voting Member, but are affiliated with or interested in the homeopathic industry. Examples include companies that provide services or consulting to the homeopathic industry, or foreign entities not marketing in the U.S., or educational institutions.


Includes individuals who possess an interest in homeopathy as it relates to manufacturing, distributing, marketing, or selling homeopathic drug products. However, an individual member may not have a relationship with a member-eligible corporate entity, unless that corporate entity is already a member of AAHP and is represented by another person.

Code of Ethics

This Corporation and all members will conduct business according to the following Code of Ethics. All persons engaged in the development, research, manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales of homeopathic drug products owe a special duty to the public seeking alleviation of suffering, restoration of health and protection against disease. Physicians, pharmacists, patients and consumers depend upon our integrity to provide them with safe, reliable, and efficacious products, correct and honest information and dedicated, sincere, and professional service.

Members have the responsibility to uphold the spirit and intent of the following:

  1. Members support the Principle of Similars, the primary foundation of homeopathy.
  2. Members support the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales according to all applicable regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to the HPRS, CFR/CPG’s, FDA’s GMP’s and labeling requirements, worker safety, and environmental requirements.
  3. Members concur to maintain a level of professional competence by promoting training and education to stay current with regulations and industry requirements.
  4. Members concur to respect the values of competitors, recognizing differences of viewpoint or philosophy, when consistent under regulations.
  5. Members act with honesty, integrity, and sincerity in all professional relationships.
  6. Members concur to manufacture, distribute, market, and sell only those homeopathic drug products that uphold the reputation, integrity, and growth of homeopathy in the United States.
  7. Members agree to conduct marketing activities using accurate information and fair balance.