2021: Recovery and Momentum

By Mark Land, AAHP President


Limitations imposed by the pandemic have not diminished the goals of AAHP for next year. In general, we plan to build on our momentum in 2021. Specifically, we have created momentum in outreach through education and engagement with key audiences and stakeholders. In the coming year we will reinforce our engagement with members, retailers, industry partners and regulators.


Education is the cornerstone of AAHP’s outreach to members. Our goal is to deliver high quality information on a timely basis to help members improve compliance, quality, and safety of your products, and to help members take advantage of information that is new to your organization. Currently we have four education events planned:

  • February 9: Poison Control in 2021 is a complimentary talk by National Capitol Poison Control Centers on homeopathic exposures, Web-based exposure reporting on your products, and how you can help reduce unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • March 4: Research in Homeopathy will be presented by one of the world’s leaders in the area, Rachel Roberts of the Homeopathic Research Institute in London.
  • May 6: Updates to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States will be presented by Eric Foxman to ensure you know all the changes to be in compliance.
  • June 15: AAHP’s third Summit will focus on improving quality through HPUS Whitepapers (raw materials inspection and control, and process validation liquid homeopathic dilutions) as well as compliance updates from FDA.


Membership meetings are opportunities for members to interact with the AAHP Board and colleague firms.


  • March 4: The Annual Membership Meeting (virtual) will be followed by the research presentation.
  • September 24: The Semiannual Membership Meeting (virtual or in person) will be followed by retail awards reception.


In addition to our planned events, AAHP is monitoring the political environment. As races are confirmed and congressional committee assignments are finalized, we plan to engage with new and past supporters on Capitol Hill with fresh information and ideas on homeopathy and its place in U.S. health care. Our regulatory agenda includes active engagement with FDA via education events and issue-based engagement when necessary. We plan to continue to support HPUS projects by featuring HPUS initiatives in our education programs.


Each year our retailer outreach program surpasses our expectations. We look forward to another year of collaboration with retailers. We are considering candidates now for our Integrative Medicine Retailer of the Year to be awarded in September.


We are very confident in the resiliency, creativity and dedication of all AAHP members, volunteers and partners in support of our projects. Our objectives truly are the continuation of momentum created by past successes. We look forward to supporting your products through these goals and programs.