Board Retreat Topics 2023

By Mark Land, M.S., RAC, AAHP President  

The AAHP Board Retreat is designed to give the board the opportunity to reflect on objectives and accomplishments of the current year, as well as plan for the upcoming year. These future projects undergo a second review in October and November during the budgeting process. Last year the board met for a full day, facilitated strategy session with our management partners The Markens Group. The session  focused our thoughts and established several longer-term organizational goals. Coming out of the recent Aug. 15 Board Retreat, we will focus on our performance against the goals we established for ourselves for 2023 and goals for 2024.

2022 Accomplishments 
Evaluate AAHP Board structure. Membership survey to be completed. 
Subcontracting of tasks. Data collected to be discussed in August 2023. 
Membership recruitment report. Due by November 2023. 
Membership retention. First listening session held in June 2023. 
100th anniversary awareness. Anniversary slide presentation given to multiple organizations. 
2023 Topics for Retreat 
Spring meeting format In person, virtual, hybrid 
Recruiting Opportunities, objectives, and Business Development Committee Chair 
Research American Foundation of Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) 
Task management Subcontracting 
Education Objectives for 2024 
100th anniversary Review of accomplishments 
Legal Litigation 
Communications Newsletter, social media, website, press releases 

As the board’s overarching goal of transparency, members are asked to participate in the association’s decision-making process. Click here to help the board prioritize the objectives of the association. A free text option is also provided allowing you to add topics or thoughts.

Learn more about AAHP’s accomplishments and projects at the Semiannual Membership Meeting on Oct. 12.