Future of AAHP 

Increase and Diversify Membership 

With the growing consumer interest in homeopathic drug products, more manufacturers enter the homeopathic industry each year. AAHP welcomes all industry members committed to delivering compliantly marketed and quality manufactured homeopathic products to American consumers. AAHP is working diligently to expand membership to as many of our industry colleagues as possible. The AAHP Board of Directors has set a goal of doubling our membership within the next five years with the aim of increasing the diversity of membership. 

For 100 years, AAHP has represented the manufacturers of homeopathy. Over time, AAHP’s scope grew into representing distributors, labelers, and marketers. Along the way, membership welcomed foreign-based manufacturers conducting business in the United States as well as companies providing relevant products and services to homeopathic manufacturers and marketers. 

One of the association's legacies has been bringing together a wide variety of industry members. This goal was difficult in the early years of the association due to regional and structural differences. The challenges have transformed but will continue as manufacturers and marketers remain vastly diverse. Yet our commonalities and needs grow stronger with each passing year. 

Thus, AAHP will strive to adequately and equitably represent a future membership whose business objectives are becoming increasingly divergent. This is reflective of an increasingly heterogeneous homeopathic community with a common goal of providing high-quality compliant homeopathic drug products. 

Expand Programs to More Stakeholders 

AAHP’s strength lies in communications and education with manufacturers and regulators. The association has expanded its programs in the last decade to include lobbying on Capitol Hill, an Annual Retailer Award, and social media platforms followed by consumers and health care practitioners. AAHP will continue to expand and strengthen communications among all key stakeholders to further improve the reputation of homeopathic medicines: 

  • Manufacturers: Education 
  • Regulators: Surveillance, Advocacy, and Representation 
  • Legislators: Capitol Hill Advocacy and Education 
  • Retailers: Education and Recognition 
  • Consumers and Health Care Practitioners: Outreach and Education 

While emphasis continues on existing programs and services, the association plans to increase communications with retailers, consumers, and health care practitioners utilizing social media. While social media now makes it much easier to spread a consolidated message, it can also easily amplify disparaging and false information. AAHP endeavors to amplify unified arguments and statements to a much broader audience, in the retail environment, the larger pharmaceutical environment, and the dietary supplement environment. AAHP has launched programs to connect with and stabilize the retail environment. 

Meet Future Challenges to Develop the Market 

Although AAHP’s mission to create a fertile climate for the business of homeopathic medicines to thrive has remained steadfast throughout the years, emerging challenges dictate the necessity of new programs. AAHP’s work in the immediate future will focus on: 

  • Stabilizing the regulatory framework for homeopathic drug products. 
  • Building the reputation of homeopathic products among key stakeholders. 
  • Supporting the work of the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States. 
  • Encouraging best practices in manufacturing and quality of homeopathic drug products through education. 

As the market continues to grow, AAHP will continue to work for solutions to tomorrow’s issues, including: 

  • Hurdles and consequences of national distribution. 
  • Breaking through to mainstream shoppers and developing practices that a unified association membership can do to accomplish this goal. 
  • Educating manufacturers and marketers who are unfamiliar with required compliance measures. 
  • Developing stable sources for starting materials. 
  • Defending the reputation of the industry and combatting disinformation facilitated by social media that, among other effects, destabilize the retail environment. 

AAHP is proud to have served the homeopathic community for its first 100 years and looks forward to advancing homeopathy for the next 100 years!