Homeopathy, A Niche No More

The following is an excerpt taken from an article that appeared in the September issue of Drug Store News (DSN) and potentially read by 33,000 chain drug store executives and merchandising personnel. This trade publication has always been supportive of the homeopathic industry but it is exciting to see a four-page special on new products being carried by drugs stores to meet consumer demand for this class of medicine.

Homeopathic products no longer represent a niche category as they grow in their acceptance from consumers and their sales.
By Nora Caley

Homeopathic remedies are coming to the rescue of consumers seeking a unique way to combat illnesses and other maladies.

According to SPINS, for the 52 weeks ending Aug. 12, sales of homeopathic medicines in multi-outlet stores totaled more than $437.3 million, a 12.5% increase compared with the same period the previous year. The biggest segment was cold and flu at $174.4 million, followed by pain relief at $84.9 million and children’s at $81.6 million. The biggest percentage gain was in digestive, which totaled just under $1.9 million in sales, but saw a 58.7% increase.

In addition, it appears that the Internet is helping sales. Industry officials have said that many shoppers are going online to find out more about what homeopathic remedies can do for them, and where to buy these solutions. Meanwhile, large retailers are helping consumers find these products by posting information about homeopathic products on their websites. CVS Pharmacy, for example, has a section on its website that lists homeopathic treatments by condition, as well as articles summarizing studies that evaluated the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies for each condition. The Walgreens homeopathy website neatly arranges the homeopathic remedies by condition, including allergy and sinus, pain relief and digestive health. Rite Aid also has a homeopathic remedies page and an herbs A-to-Z page.

Retailers’ online approaches highlight something that manufacturers know well — that the category is no longer a niche. Consumers no longer expect homeopathic products to be found just in natural product stores. They have come to expect a variety of these products at food, drug and mass.

“Retailers recognize that consumers want what they want where they shop, regardless of drug class or category,” said Kim Knoblauch, brand manager at Nelsons, a British company with U.S. headquarters in North Andover, Mass. “Food/drug/mass retailers traditionally have had small natural sets with a handful of natural channel brands. We’re seeing those natural brands move in line with the vitamins and supplements.”

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