Invest in Your Membership; Invest in Your Staff

To bring more value to the members of AAHP each year, the volunteer board of directors meets for a full day to discuss strategic projects for the upcoming year. It is always a delicate balance between what we see needs to be done to safeguard and grow the future of the homeopathic market and the human resources available to get there.

This year we also had a day-long strategy session with the association management firm, The Markens Group. TMG has been lending its expertise to various routine tasks and special projects for AAHP since 2015. Drawing upon their familiarity with numerous association clients, TMG guided us through creating a value proposition, SWOT analysis, future map, member attribute profile, and a list of points of differentiation.

So, what did we learn from this experience? It's still a matter of balancing what we feel is necessary for industry growth with what is practical for our volunteers to implement. On our part, the Board will be determining those necessary projects, although your input is welcomed and encouraged. On your part — the member companies of AAHP — we ask you to consider limited time commitments to volunteer for some fun and exciting special projects for AAHP's 100th anniversary. We hope that a series of small projects throughout 2023 will raise the awareness of the association's steadfast industrywide goals to an expanded audience.

Your staff can benefit from working with some of the most influential leaders in homeopathy, services, business consultants, and on some projects, government officials invited to speak at events. Junior staff will gain experience, engage in critical issues, and acquire perspective for the future from working with seasoned leaders. This investment of time is a first step to taking part in the conversation shaping your company's future.

The following committees are looking for additional volunteers:

• Education / Events (event planning, speaker recruitment)
• Business Development (prospective members and sponsors)
• Communications (social media, website, trade media)
• Editorial (writing for or recruiting writers for the newsletter)
• Budget & Finance

Together we accomplish more. If you have questions regarding activities, what is involved, or are ready to network and gain experience, AAHP Secretary Eric Foxman at will direct you to the right committee chair.