Kids Are Number ONE with Homeopathy

By Shane Hinze

Do you worry about your child suffering from painful recurring earaches and diarrhea during the flu season? Did you know that homeopathy with its rich history and many kid friendly dosage forms, offers help and hope by triggering the body’s own defenses and without causing side effects?

Ear pain is the key complaint experienced by a child during an ear infection. Ear infections are a relatively common childhood concern. By the ages of 3 months, an estimated 10% of children will have suffered with this complaint. A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial demonstrated that children suffering from acute Otitis Media (earache) who were treated with homeopathic formulas of Pulsatilla, Chamomile, Calcarea Carbonica. Lycopodium and Belladonna experienced a statistically significant decrease in symptoms after the first 72 hours with statistically and clinically significant results within the first 24 hours. While ear pain should always be evaluated by a qualified health professional, homeopathy can be very helpful to decrease the duration of pain and make your child more comfortable when symptoms suddenly start outside of normal office hours. Homeopathic remedies work well to control pain by themselves, and when used in combination with conventional medications or other natural therapies such as mullein oil drops, external heat applications, or Echinaeca.

Each homeopathic remedy is selected based on the symptoms that the child experiences. When ear pain starts after exposure to a cold wind and the child is fearful, consider Aconitum napellus, If the pain is intolerable and makes the child irritable and demanding, consider Chamomilla For ear pain that comes and goes suddenly in a restless child, consider Belladonna. Ferrum Phosphoricum should always be considered at the onset of an earache.

Acute diarrhea is a leading cause of pediatric illness and death worldwide. An estimated 1.3 billion episodes of diarrhea and 5 million deaths occur each year in developing countries. Homeopathy has experienced over 200 years of use on a global basis. Along with this significant clinical use, it is also being validated by modern medical science. A study by Jennifer Jacobs M D. is part of this trend. The randomized clinical trial involved the homeopathic treatment of childhood diarrhea. The study encompassed children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years. Upon the conclusion of the study, it was found that there was a statistically significant decrease in the duration of diarrhea in the group treated with homeopathy. Single homeopathic remedies used in the study include Podophyllum, Chammiilla, Arsenicum album, Calcarea carbonica and sulphur.

Choosing one of the following few key homeopathic remedies can make your child’s diarrhea a lot less uncomfortable. Arsenicum album should be considered if diarrhea is due to spoiled food and the child is cold and restless. China is useful if there is watery, frothy diarrhea with an exhausted child. Smelly diarrhea occurring with flu or teething is best helped with Podophyllum. If there is diarrhea accompanied by extensive abdominal pain and gas in a whiny child, consider Chamomilla. Children with diarrhea should be monitored by a health care professional as a potentially serious consequence, dehydration, could occur. Homeopathy is safe to use in combination with modification of diet to include stool forming foods such as bananas, carob, rice, and apples.

While certainly less common than other childhood health concerns, bedwetting is a challenging problem experienced by many youngsters. A health care professional should be consulted initially to make sure the problem is not due to a structural abnormality. Homeopathy is an excellent tool to be used when the urinary system is apparently functioning normally. Belladonna is a homeopathic remedy to consider when the bedwetting occurs late in the evening in a restless child. If bedwetting occurs early upon going to sleep in a child that leaks urine during the day, Causticum is an excellent remedy of choice. Pulsatilla is the remedy of choice in a child with offensive urine who sleeps with the hands above the head. Equisetum, a primary urinary tract homeopathic remedy, is an excellent option when there seems to be no clear pattern or if there is a correlation between urination and dreams.

Children’s homeopathic products come in a variety of dosage forms, including liquids, dissolvable tablets, and rounded “granules” made of lactose and sucrose. Liquid preparations are best used in infants and young children, while older kids find tablets and granules to be sweetly pleasant. Homeopathic preparation strength, better known as potency may be given at a 6X to 30C. A homeopathic potency of 200C or above is typically reserved for usage by medical professionals.

With these studies in mind, parents can rest easy knowing that homeopathic products are effective, safe, and backed by centuries of clinical usage and current scientific research. For more information please contact The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists at 1-800-478-0421, or