NCH First in AAHP Collaboration Effort

Dr. Lauri Grossman, President of the Board of Directors, National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)

Last autumn, the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) invited Dr. Lauri Grossman, in her role as President of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), to be its first board meeting guest. This was part of a new initiative by AAHP to collaborate with the homeopathic community for mutual benefit. The AAHP Board is reaching out to leaders of other homeopathic organizations to share ideas, propose joint projects, and even compare best operating practices for the organizations. They also welcome others to simply listen to learn more about AAHP and the work it’s doing.



“The meeting certainly accomplished its goals. I was able to learn about the increasing attention that is being given to the fast-growing number of home prescribers in the U.S. and the influence they have in the marketplace,” says Dr. Grossman. “This allows NCH to create webinars and educational experiences that will get increased attendance and raise the standing of NCH from the consumer’s point of view.”


This was also an opportunity for NCH’s top leader to tell AAHP’s directors about the plans for the upcoming virtual Joint American Homeopathy Conference, improvements to NCH’s Homeopathy Today magazine, and new membership offerings on the association’s recently updated website,


“Many AAHP members have become organizational partners with NCH,” says Dr. Grossman. “They advertise in Homeopathy Today, arrange for booths in our JAHC exhibition hall, and offer discounts on products for our members. This is clearly a win-win for both the manufacturers and NCH, and I encourage other organizations to take advantage of the chance to follow my lead.”


“The meeting revealed several points of alignment. For example, discussion of serious disease should be between patients and their health care provider,” says Mark Land, AAHP president. “We were very glad Dr. Grossman could join us and felt we achieved our objective of opening a nourishing dialog among homeopathic community leaders.”


There are occasional opportunities for leaders at other homeopathic organizations to join AAHP’s monthly Board of Directors meeting. What is your organization planning that you want to share? This is a great opportunity to interact with representatives from Boiron, BrandStorm HBC, Hyland’s, Church & Dwight (Zicam), Nature’s Way, Nelsons/Bach, and Similasan. Contact AAHP Secretary, Eric Foxman, at to request an opportunity to join us.