Notes on the Future: AAHP Outlook 2020

AAHP’s Board of Directors just completed its fourth annual strategy retreat. Together we reflected on the accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities we’ve had during this truly unprecedented year.

Throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency, AAHP delivered on education, regulatory, and community outreach projects. Our Board and committee chairs are working harder than ever before; they're engaged and producing great results. Indeed, the demands of the most recent years have sharpened our skills and fostered the development of new tools, allowing us to be more effective than ever.

Below are a few notes from our meeting:


The Association

Communication is more important than ever before. Members, allied associations, consumers, and retailers request more and more access to the latest information. New projects and established programs of the association demand more and focused resources. The board is examining staffing and organizational opportunities to support this work going forward.


The Environment

The dynamics of the current regulatory environment include the actions of regulatory authorities, the actions and response from the industry, as well as consumer response to enforcement actions. We can expect this for some time to come. The political environment is equally dynamic. If re-elected, the current administration is likely to continue to privilege healthcare trade and price-related issues. If the administration changes, the focus is likely to switch to safety and access to healthcare.


Our Projects

Projects we’re currently working on and plan to move forward into 2021 include:

  • Industry Engagement: Invite homeopathic community association leaders to engage with the AAHP Board and committees
  • Member Development: Continue targeted and individualized outreach to prospective members
  • Awareness: Explore a pilot consumer advertising program
  • Regulatory Outreach: Continued outreach to FDA’s offices of Compliance and Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Quality Assurance: Audit Program, Quality Seal
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Educate members on HPUS quality initiatives
  • Continued Education: Make previously recorded webinars available to members.


Come learn more about these projects at the virtual semi-annual membership meeting on September 30.