Recall Trends 2Qtr 2014

Each quarter, Stericycle produces a summary report of recalls affecting several industries, including the overall Pharma category. With snapshot graphics, the report notes that Pharma recalls are inching steadily upwards. However, the accompanying text provides some insights into the background of why this may be happening. For instance, “a mislabeling issue could arise from working with a supplier unfamiliar with country-specific regulations.”

As well, Stericycle provides reminders of the importance of maintaining a broad overview of the complexities associated with recalss. “(D)etermining the root cause of a recall is just one part of the equation. In the global economy, even the most vigilant manufacturer will one day be faced with a recall. As such, companies must invest as much energy in planning for a recall event as they do in preventing it in order to minimize the damage.” The full report can be downloaded at no cost from: