Sneak Peek: AAHP Board Projects 2024


By Mark Land, M.S., RAC, AAHP President   

The AAHP Board met in August to review accomplishments in 2023 and make plans for 2024. Last month, I wrote about the topics of that discussion. This month, I would like to give you a sneak peek at the projects the Board agreed on for 2024. I say sneak peek because while the Board agreed on several projects, we would like your input on these projects and priorities. The association fielded a survey of members last month asking for advice on priorities of our programs and projects. Link to the survey is below if you haven’t had a chance to complete it yet.

2023 Important Dates 

Sept. 20, Noon EDT: AAHP-HRI Research Webinar (virtual) 

Sept. 20, 6:15 EDT: AAHP Industry Reception (hybrid) 

Oct. 12, Noon EDT: Semiannual Membership Meeting (virtual) 

Oct. 18, Noon EDT: GMP Seminar (virtual) 

Dec. 7, Noon EST: Town Hall (virtual) 

2024 Important Dates 

March 8, 11 a.m. EST: Annual Membership Meeting (virtual) 

March: Water Treatment Systems Seminar (virtual) 

May: HPUS Update Webinar (virtual) 

June: GMP Summit (hybrid) 

2024 Projects 

  • Name Change: American Association for Homeopathic Products  
  • Research: Safety of homeopathic medicines; household use of homeopathic medicines 
  • Support the work of the Homeopathic Research Institute (HRI). 
  • Develop research summaries for use by member companies. 
  • Engagement: Two Town Halls. 
  • Educational: Three educational events (see above). 
  • Organization: Additional administrative staff. 
  • Regulatory: Engage with FDA through educational events and in person meetings. 
  • Legislative: Engage with legislative offices on homeopathic issues.

The board has established an overarching goal of transparency. Part of that goal is asking members to participate in the Association’s decision-making process. Click here to help the board prioritize the objectives of the Association. This quick 7 question survey is multiple choice but options for open-ended responses allow you to add topics or thoughts. 

Learn more about AAHP’s accomplishments and projects at the Semiannual Membership Meeting on Oct. 12.