Staff Can Amplify Your Message on Social Media

Staff can amplify your message

Your employees might not all be marketers, but with the rise of social media, they can all be advocates for your company and homeopathy in general.


Given that people are active on social media for an average of two hours a day, it’s a missed opportunity if your employees are not actively engaged on social media. Find out how you can encourage your employees to be engaged in social media and the benefits of doing so.


How to Encourage Your Employees to Engage in Social Media

Your employees might post photos on Instagram, but that doesn’t qualify them as social media marketers. Provide simple instructions to help your “work family” come up with engaging, on-brand social media messages about their home away from home.


Create a social media policy that outlines what type of content employees should create, where to post content, and any guidelines for social posts. Don’t forget to include warnings, for instance on what type of content should not be shared.


You’ll get the most contributions from your employees when you speak to the whys behind your social media campaign. Tell employees why they should share industry news items on social media and create incentives that reward employees who create great content.


The Pew Center found that two-thirds of Americans receive at least some of their news from social media. This can play to your advantage where there’s a high-awareness issue in the media, because employees can help get our industry’s message out on their social networks. AAHP’s social media platforms can provide you and your employees the most up-to-date information so you can share it quickly with concentered parties and the general public. (Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.)


By encouraging employees to use social media, you can increase your brand’s reach and help spread authoritative information from industry leaders like AAHP.