Two Additional Topics Expand Continuing Education Program for Pharmacists on Homeopathic Drugs

Topics on colds and flu and calendula were recently launched through Pharmacy Times Continuing Education (PTCE), division of Pharmacy Times®. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can receive continuing education credits after successfully completing these three-part programs.

  1. Addressing Cold and Flu Symptoms with OTC Options: An Evaluation of Homeopathic Approaches evaluates the interest of homeopathic medicine in pharmaceutical care for cold and flu. The reading is paired with a 30-minute video debate entitled, Perspectives Regarding the Use of Homeopathic Approaches for Managing Cough and Cold. Afterward, the knowledge is applied to practical pharmaceutical care through three interactive case studies (virtual consultations). Launched in September 2019, these programs have been viewed by more than 39,000 pharmacists and technicians so far.
  2. “Exploring the Role of Natural Treatments in Wound Healing: An Update on Calendula” analyzes the use of Calendula as a homeopathic preparation in dermatologic applications — from wound care to post-radiation dermatologic care. “The role of the Pharmacist in Natural Treatments for Wound Healing: A Closer Look at Calendula” illustrates the role of the pharmacist in educating patients on the use of natural treatment options for wound healing, such as Calendula. These two-hour online program worth 0.2 CE units can be combined with case studies worth 0.1 CE unit, for a total of 0.3 CE units (3 hours). The authors are clinical pharmacists from Rutgers University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Re-accredited in November 2019, these programs have been viewed by more than 19,000 pharmacists and technicians so far.

According to Pharmacy Times, these programs are followed 2 to 3 times more by pharmacists and technicians than the other 100 CE active programs. Feedback is very positive and there is a demand for more subjects on homeopathic medicines.

These unbiased and peer-reviewed programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and offered through the industry’s major trade publication Pharmacy Times, which has been serving the community pharmacy professionals since 1897. Through print, digital, video, direct mail, and live events, the Pharmacy Times franchise reaches more than 200,000 pharmacy professionals. The Pharmacy Times Continuing Education provides education for retail, health-system, managed care, and specialty pharmacists.

In June 2018, the site offered Homeopathy: A Fair Balanced Look at Safety and Adverse Drug Events.” To date more than 56,000 professionals have completed the program, demonstrating the demand from pharmacists and technicians for extensive, unbiased, and referenced education on homeopathic medicines. As homeopathic medicines become more prevalent in national drug store chains and mass-market retail outlets, patients increasingly asked their trusted pharmacists for information.

AAHP encourages all manufacturers to raise awareness of these CE program titles to their pharmacy accounts. Each program is free and accessible 24/7 online for the duration of a two-year period. Visit”