Latest Past Events

AAHP Semiannual Membership Meeting 2022

This member-exclusive meeting will cover all the latest legal and regulatory matters. With more than three decades of experience in the homeopathic industry, AAHP Legal Counsel Al Lorman, Esq. will provide members with an intimate look at such issues.

Industry Reception, Award Presentation, and Dinner

The Union League of Philadelphia 1450 Sansom St, Philadelphia

Designed to connect and support retailers who champion the industry’s products with manufacturers, this event will present the fourth annual Integrative Medicine Award (previously given to trailblazers at Wegman’s, Rite Aid, and Meyer).

HRI Online 2022: Key Collaborations in Homeopathy Research

AAHP proudly supports the Homeopathy Research Institute’s first virtual summit reporting on advances in high-quality scientific research on homeopathy from around the world. Attendees will hear from 12 keynote-level speakers from eight countries on four continents — all of whom have headlined at previous HRI conferences or other international conferences. (All presentations will be in English.)