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Robin Russo, President & Partner

Alyson O’Mahoney, EVP & Partner


RL&A: The Leader in Consumer Health & Beauty Messaging

In today’s high-tech world of information consumption, integrated marketing is all about messaging – creating, distributing and engaging target audiences with your brand messages via a variety of communication venues. At Robin Leedy & Associates (RL&A), the premier consumer health and beauty communications agency, we help shape your core brand messages into “engaging consumable information” and push it out through all the various channels consumers are turning to – from traditional media, to social and digital communities and resources.

As a full-service, independent, award-winning agency partner to many consumer brands and companies, we help cut through the communications clutter to bring your messaging to your consumer in creative, meaningful ways. We pride ourselves on achieving measurable, impactful results that help move the needle. We are one of the only agencies specializing in the consumer health and beauty brands sold at drugstores, supermarkets, mass market, specialty health and wellness retail outlets and online retailers, and have worked in nearly all categories of brands, from the smallest niche personal health conditions to the broader, more mainstream personal health needs experienced by a mass audience.

As specialists in over the counter products – homeopathic and OTC personal health brands — we are extremely familiar with FDA and DSHEA communication regulations, both in traditional and online communications and keep abreast of this changing landscape and best practices. We are also very familiar with how the retail side of your business works and what keeps you up at night. We understand who your key influencers are and how to work with healthcare professionals to provide a credible voice for your brand as well as consumers who can make a profound impact on whether your brand messaging will reach your target demo.

At RL&A we like to say we’re a small agency that gets big results for mostly small to medium-size brands – many call us the “niche brand messengers.” We’re specialists in talking to women, moms, parents, men, seniors and teens, but we can custom-tailor a communications outreach to just about any audience – including health professionals and the trade, who are key to the success of your brands. While we spend much of our time with social media marketing (influencer, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), traditional media relations (PR and advertising in broadcast and print), we are also producing videos and TV spots for online distribution and pre-roll, conducting email marketing campaigns, consumer research and a variety of other tactics that form integrated platforms for communicating your messaging. Whatever we can’t do in house, we have a network of reliable partners who can and who also specialize in consumer health and beauty brands. See more at Robin Leedy Associates.