Code of Ethics

This Corporation and all members will conduct business according to the following Code of Ethics. All persons engaged in the development, research, manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales of homeopathic drug products owe a special duty to the public seeking alleviation of suffering, restoration of health and protection against disease. Physicians, pharmacists, patients and consumers depend upon our integrity to provide them with safe, reliable, and efficacious products, correct and honest information and dedicated, sincere, and professional service.

Members have the responsibility to uphold the spirit and intent of the following:

  1. Members support the Principle of Similars, the primary foundation of homeopathy.
  2. Members support the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales according to all applicable regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to the HPRS, CFR/CPG’s, FDA’s GMP’s and labeling requirements, worker safety, and environmental requirements.
  3. Members concur to maintain a level of professional competence by promoting training and education to stay current with regulations and industry requirements.
  4. Members concur to respect the values of competitors, recognizing differences of viewpoint or philosophy, when consistent under regulations.
  5. Members act with honesty, integrity, and sincerity in all professional relationships.
  6. Members concur to manufacture, distribute, market, and sell only those homeopathic drug products that uphold the reputation, integrity, and growth of homeopathy in the United States.
  7. Members agree to conduct marketing activities using accurate information and fair balance.

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