It Is Our Time to Pull Together 

By Lauri Grossman, DC, CCH, RSHom (NA), President, Board of Directors, National Center for Homeopathy 

We all know the quote “one person can make a difference.” National and international leaders have said some version of this over the years when they needed the world, our country, our community, or our neighbors to pull together. As President of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), it’s my turn to say: one person — each of us — can and will make a difference in building awareness of how homeopathic medicines can support health and wellness in adults, children, and pets.  

The homeopathy community is small but mighty across the United States, and we have the power to create change. With more than 340 million people living in our country and 30 million struggling to meet their daily health needs due to access and affordability of health care, homeopathy and natural medicines can play a HUGE role. Yet millions more Americans can benefit from discovery of this economical medical therapy.  

It is our time to pull together, to Dream BIG and CHANGE Lives.  

NCH is launching a $5M capacity campaign in 2024 in recognition of its 50th anniversary. Dream BIG, CHANGE Lives” will focus on three areas in making investments in Education, Advocacy, and Outreach & Awareness. This is the largest, most significant campaign that our community has ever done, and it is our time to pull together, inviting professionals, manufacturers, educators, and consumers to do their share. Our Board of Directors is 100 percent committed and invested in these efforts, committing $100,000 cumulatively to this effort.  

You will be hearing more details of Dream BIG, CHANGE Lives at the Joint American Homeopathy Conference (JAHC) this April and I look forward to engaging all members of AAHP in these efforts. By pulling together, we can and will significantly grow awareness and the use of homeopathic medicines and help millions more across the United States.