Monkeypox and Homeopathic Treatment: AAHP’s Position

AAHP notes there is no homeopathic literature, homeopathic proving, nor clinical trial which adequately supports a homeopathic drug for use as PROPHYLAXIS (or for prevention) for monkeypox. In addition, any product labeled for prophylaxis of monkeypox is prescription under U.S. regulations and is inappropriate to be sold over the counter (or as a non-prescription drug).

Homeopathic treatments are essentially based on symptoms expressed by each individual, including the symptoms specific to the disease. Appropriate use involves the matching of symptoms in the diseased state with those symptoms caused by a specific substance in its homeopathic drug symptom picture. This is best done by a trained medical practitioner, especially with newly emerging constellations of symptoms associated with new and rapidly contagious illnesses. Focusing on a single or limited set of symptoms can be misleading and can substantially delay proper treatment, resulting in serious negative outcomes even under professional care.

When properly used by trained medical professionals, some homeopathic medicines have been shown to be useful against an epidemic disease. However, infectious diseases require medical intervention because an absolute confirmation of infection with a particular disease-causing organism requires laboratory testing. Infectious diseases may not be self-limiting and require medical diagnosis or monitoring.

We wish to emphasize the seriousness of monkeypox. For this reason, AAHP does not make any specific treatment recommendations and suggests working with a trained healthcare provider. Additionally, AAHP recommends manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike follow the advice of public health officials during all health crises. Up-to-date information on monkeypox can be found through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at