Homeopathic Manufacturers Announce New Disclaimer and Celebrate Momentum at Annual Meeting

MILWAUKIE, Ore., May 2, 2018 — The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) has announced that all homeopathic manufacturers are now encouraged to use the association’s newly researched and tested package disclaimer.

AAHP commissioned a third-party professor of marketing from a prominent university in 2017 to conduct research on the proposed disclaimer. That research provides manufacturers with a confirmation on what consumers understand from the disclaimer. AAHP President Mark Land explained that manufacturers should display the disclaimer prominently to inform consumers about the product they are purchasing. The disclaimer should applied immediately to marketing materials with short production cycles such as webpages, e-newsletters and, digital ads. For more information about evaluating prominence on material, manufacturers and marketers should see the Federal Trade Commission’s guide entitled “.com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising,” which can be found on the agency’s website, www.ftc.gov.

The announcement was made during the professional group’s semiannual membership meeting in Anaheim, California. AAHP is a nonprofit trade association for manufactures, marketers, distributers, and practitioners of homeopathic medicines. At its heart, AAHP is a group of companies and volunteers committed to a common purpose. During the gathering the group took time to recognize many of these crucial constituents, welcomed new members, and celebrated the growing momentum of AAHP’s programs.

“Moving into 2018 and beyond, AAHP’s Board of Directors and committee chairs are fully committed to maintaining that momentum, specifically in education, association development and government relations,” said Land.

The association welcomed the first two members to join AAHP in 2018: Forces of Nature, a manufacturer of certified organic homeopathic and natural medicines, and Amy Stueve, R.Ph, a homeopathic practitioner based in Dayton, Ohio.

AAHP also elected the following five individuals to its Board of Directors:

Mary Borneman, senior director of corporate communications and public affairs, Hyland’s

Denise Eaton, education manager, Nelsons

Eric Foxman, R.Ph., consultant on cGMPs, homeopathic methods and compliance

Dan Quail, president – North America, Similasan Corp.

Mary Beth Watkins, retired expert in quality and compliance

“I’m honored to work with these fine people,” said Land. “It is them, as well as the rest of AAHP’s members and volunteers, that we have to thank for the progress of our association.”

To thank members for their commitment and to promote AAHP’s value and presence, the association unveiled a newly designed “proud member” plaque during the meeting. Members can display them in their offices or at events. Each member will receive a plaque in the coming months, as will all new members moving forward.

For more information about AAHP, visit theaahp.org.


Founded in 1923, the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) is the leading industry association for the manufacturers, distributors and marketers of homeopathic drugs. AAHP promotes excellence in the practice of homeopathic pharmacy, manufacturing, marketing and distribution by supporting the requirements, criteria and published guidelines in the HPUS, relevant Federal statutes, as well as other industry regulations/compendia—all to help members provide safe, effective homeopathic medicines to consumers, retailers and healthcare practitioners.


Eric Foxman