Sept ’14 Member Meeting Successes

The AAHP’s Semi-Annual Member Meeting in Baltimore was an unparalleled success with two new highlights capping the event.

After an opening welcome by AAHP President Mark Land, the meeting began with an informative roundtable discussion by Al Lorman, Pete Evich and Jay Borneman. Each provided a quick perspective on current challenges facing the industry. Among other questions passed thru Mark Land for response by the panelists: Al spoke about the newly raised awareness requiring website compliance with American With Disabilities Act standards. Pete provided a murky crystal ball insight into the changes in the Senate H.E.L.P. committee following Senator Harkin’s retirement and the upcoming elections. Jay gave a description on the challenges of agency compliance through reliance on the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. This portion of the meeting provided all attendees with a wealth of points to ponder in the coming months.

Bethany Murphy of JPMoery Associates and Denise Eaton gave an update on the member outreach program and the information about others’ perceptions of the association. One phase of the member Engagement and Support Program that will be introduced in the coming months will complement this outside look. The member E.S.P. will also provide an avenue for members to work with the AAHP to further the association’s goals for the industry and membership.

The meeting ended with a photo essay of the accomplishments of Homeopaths Without Borders. Guest Holly Manoogian spoke about HWB’s work in Haiti and the warm reception they have received there, plus the amazing number of persons helped during their many volunteer visits.

All in all, it was a members’ meeting that did not dwell on committee reports, but rather presented a wide variety of information in new and helpful ways. Those attending left with a better picture of the environment in which the industry may be operating in the coming years, and an understanding of the efforts the AAHP is making to shape that framework and the association to meet those conditions. The written reports of the committees were distributed for the meeting, and are still available from the AAHP if any member needs another copy.