Outlook 2019: A Letter from the Board

By AAHP Board of Directors

2019 presents a unique crossroad to the homeopathic industry. As consumer demand for our products rises across North America, so does industry growth—and it is poised to continue growing. With this increased visibility comes increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies and potentially unfriendly consumer groups.

While we find ourselves growing and, in some ways, more influential than we ever have been, we must redouble our efforts to educate ourselves about compliance issues and create relationships with key stakeholders. This is where AAHP stands at the beginning of the year: we aim to encourage industry growth while managing threats and educating various audiences about our products.

By now, most in the industry are aware of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed draft guidance document that would revoke clearly detailed parameters for manufacturing and distributing homeopathic products. FDA is expected to adopt the guidance and will likely make an official decision before the end of the year. Regardless, U.S. manufacturers must be prepared to comply.

One of AAHP’s key priorities for the year is to educate members on complying with changing regulations. For the first time, we will host a full-day workshop entitled, “AAHP Summit on Challenges and Solutions in Quality & Safety of Homeopathic Drug Products: Keeping Your Business Compliant under FDA’s New Proposed Guidance.” Taking place at the end of June, the Summit will feature different tracks for quality, safety, and regulatory professionals. For your convenience, we’re hosting the event in tandem with the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC). Visit the event page for updates on speakers, registration, and more. Our goal is for attendees to leave the workshop confident that they can continue to succeed despite changing regulatory practices.

For those who can’t attend the Summit, we’ve designed our 2019 newsletter editorial calendar to amplify FDA guidance compliance topics. This year’s webinar agenda will feature an update of new HPUS changes as well as other compliance topics.

While we must step back and prepare for change, it is paramount that we also step forward, reach out, and build relationships with regulators, legislators, and members of adjacent industry and consumer organizations. To that end, we will continue to engage the FDA in 2019, both through in-person meetings and requests to speak at AAHP’s events.

On Capitol Hill, we will continue the robust efforts we began last year to educate key members of Congress about our industry and our products. We sent many grassroots letters to members of Congress last year, and this year we plan to visit the key contacts we have not met yet. By creating fruitful relationships with legislators, we can help to secure stable growth for the future.

Closer to home, we will deepen our engagement within the homeopathic community. We’re working closely with JAHC to put on the Summit, and we also regularly share information with and learn from others through the Homeopathic Action Alliance and the Homeopathic Advocacy Working Group.

We would like to conclude this letter with a message to all of our members, nonmember companies, and industry allies. Get involved: join one of AAHP’s committees, sign up for membership, share your knowledge during June’s Summit. Together we can grow and protect the industry.