AAHP 2024 Outlook

By Mark Land, M.S., RAC-US, AAHP President  

AAHP just completed our 100th anniversary celebration. The gist of the celebration was presenting our 100th anniversary slide presentation. AAHP representatives made presentations to multiple American and international homeopathic organizations over the course of 2023. I can say with confidence that our presentation was received enthusiastically. Once again, we will roll up our sleeves in 2024 on behalf of our members. Building on lessons learned last year and focusing our attention on the issues of our industry and our members, the Board has established an agenda to address issues across the environment and to support the growth of member companies’ businesses.  

The Association  

After many years of discussion, AAHP has decided to change its name to the American Association for Homeopathic Products. The goal of the change is to reflect the work of the association more accurately. Changing the name from “pharmacists” to “products” states in a broader way the scope of AAHP. We agreed it was important to maintain the acronym AAHP considering the brand recognition we have developed over time. The name American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists will continue to be available for use in projects specifically associated with pharmacists and pharmacy organizations. Look forward to seeing our rebranded material, including our new logo, over the next few months.  

The Environment 

The dynamics of the regulatory environment include the actions of regulatory authorities and industry and consumer response to enforcement actions. This will continue for some time to come. Engaging with the retail community is increasingly important. AAHP’s efforts to interpret the regulatory environment is more often called on by major retailers. The political environment will be dominated by the upcoming general election. If reelected, the current administration is likely to continue to support strong regulatory enforcement. If the administration changes, the focus is likely to switch to the cost of health care. 

Our Projects 

  • New logo implementation 
  • HPCUS white paper seminar 
  • Water systems webinar 
  • HPUS updates webinar 
  • Retailer education meetings  
  • All-manufacturers townhall meeting 
  • Member engagement (e.g., sit in on a board meeting)  
  • Targeted and individualized outreach to prospective members 
  • Build the research base in homeopathy— 2024 safety of homeopathic medicines 

Come learn more about these projects at the Virtual Annual Membership Meeting on March 8, 2024.