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Homeopathic Market – Consumer Trends and Insights Webinar Archive

The market for homeopathic and herbal remedies continues to grow. Due to increased healthcare costs and insurance issues, more consumers are proactive about their health and wellness. This, paired with the fact that consumers are using more organic and natural products, could help fuel the growth of homeopathic remedies. Furthermore, product recalls of various OTC nonprescription medications likely have consumers looking for what they perceive to be as “safer alternatives”. How can your company benefit from the research and information that already exists about this market that is essential to your company?

Mintel, the leader in consumer research, presents information on the homeopathic drug market based on their broad and deep reach into the research on consumer choices and trends. Mintel’s Health and Wellness Analyst, Emily Krol, presents key findings and insights gleaned from their extensive 120 page 2013 report, Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies. Emily also draws upon Mintel’s 2011 similar report for a longer range overview of emerging trends.

View the AAHP presentation on Mintel’s research and conclusions on the homeopathic market and learn more about your customers and their natural health needs and preferences as well as gaining an understanding of important trends in the market. This 45 minute webinar will provide you with a concise overview of important information contained in Mintel’s extensive market research report.

Who should view this Webinar Archive?

  • Owners, CEOs and management responsible for overall market and sales growth.
  • Marketing managers and staff responsible for marketing campaigns and new product launches.
  • Manufacturers, contract manufacturers and private label producers responsible for product development and support of their clients’ marketing.
  • Marketers of private label brands responsible for marketing their homeopathic products.

Webinar DVD archives can be ordered directly from the AAHP office at 4332 SE Logus Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222.  The cost of the DVD Archive is $179 (includes S&H); AAHP members get a $90 discount.

Limited Time Special Package Pricing: order this DVD plus the Analytical Tools for Understanding Webinar Archive at the same time and get both for $269 (includes S&H). That’s a savings of $90 over ordering them separately.  AAHP Members save even more: order both at the same time and get a $130 discount.

Note: The 2013 Mintel report, Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies can be purchased directly from Mintel Corporation at http://store.mintel.com/homeopathic-and-herbal-remedies-us-march-2013. A copy of the report will not be included in the Webinar handouts.

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January 4, 2015
January 4, 2018
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