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The Homeopathic Market – Analytical Tools for Understanding and Growth Webinar Archive

Homeopathic consumers, users and supporters are a breed apart. They are that special segment of the natural products / natural health consumer population that supports and uses complimentary medicines. All homeopathic manufacturers and marketers would be excited to learn more about these unique consumers, their interests, motivations and purchasing habits.

Now there is an opportunity to do just that!

IRI is a leader in delivering comprehensive market and shopper information based on their own data collections augmented by other sources, such as SPINS, etc. And they provide the predictive analytics to help companies utilize the data in helpful and meaningful ways. IRI showcases the tools available to help understand and thrive in the homeopathic market with the growing segment of homeopathic consumers. IRI will draw on their extensive experience with:

Consumer understanding – consumer analytics, marketplace insights, survey solutions

Growth and new product innovation – foresight, launch forecasting, product profiles

Marketing performance and management – market testing, price& trade advantages, analytics

Sales and channel management – shopper behavior, new products, packaging, pricing and promotion

Shopper –Centric Collaboration – insights, analytics, solutions loyalty

This presentation is tailored especially for the homeopathic market on IRI’s data collection and analytical tools. Be prepared to gain insights into how you can find out more about your customers and potential customers. Plus a fresh view of the analytics at hand to help your company make the most of the information available. This 45 minute webinar will provide you with a concise overview of IRI and the importance of well-executed analysis on our homeopathic market.

Who should view this archive?

  • Owners, CEOs and management responsible for overall market and sales growth.
  • Marketing managers and staff responsible for marketing campaigns and new product launches.
  • Manufacturers, contract manufacturers and private label producers responsible for product development and support of their clients’ marketing.
  • Marketers of private label brands responsible for the marketing their homeopathic products.

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January 7, 2015
January 7, 2018
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