Limited Time: HRI State of Research for Homeopathy Video On-Demand

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Watch On-Demand: HRI State of Research for Homeopathy In case you missed it live, by request AAHP has decided to make our recent seminar on the State of Research in Homeopathy available for on-demand viewing. At this webinar, the Homeopathic Research Institute's Chief Executive and one of the world's leading homeopathic research experts Rachel Roberts…

AAHP 2024 Annual Membership Meeting

Exclusive to AAHP Members is this annual briefing on the latest legal and regulatory issues from AAHP Legal Counselor Al Lorman, Esq. and on federal programs affecting your business from AAHP Lobbyist Pete Evich of Van Scoyoc Associates. Emerging issues and critical topics will be addresssed as necessary. Additionally, AAHP officers will provide updates on association projects.