AAHP in 2016 and a Review of New Member Resources

Jan. 26, 2017

In 2016, the Education Committee produced four robust webinars, and industry leaders united at two membership meetings. As we step forward into 2017, it’s a good moment to reflect on other highlights that brought value to the membership.

Legal & Regulatory

  • AAHP recently met with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the Nov. 15 enforcement policy statement on marketing claims for over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs; members have received updates and education on this very important topic.
  • AAHP encouraged the S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide clear and open communication on their ongoing investigation of the safety of homeopathic teething medicine.
  • Staff attended and reported on an FTC workshop on disclaimers in general, noting that drafting and testing consumer disclosures is a complex task.
  • At the Sept. 23 semiannual conference, AAHP presented a special lifetime achievement award to U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulsky of Maryland for her support of alternative therapies.

Two officials from FDA presented two Compliance Thru Education webinars, providing direct insights into the issues that concern the agency. Their participation also demonstrates another step AAHP has taken toward fostering a more collaborative relationship with the agency.
New Resources

AAHP’s new partner The Markens Group boosted the frequency, readability and value of the information provided to members through AAHP NetworkNews. The new and improved newsletter reaches more than 200 multiple readers at member companies. On average 35 percent of the recipients open the newsletter, of which 28 percent click at least one link in the newsletter.

Top 10 Most Engaging Links

  1. “Homeopathic Drug Labels: Rx or OTC?” offers guidance on effectively labeling your homeopathic products.
  2. “Understanding OTC Monograph Reform: Where Do We Stand Now?” is an important update because the
    traditional OTC review is about the only forum where FDA sets out acceptable and unacceptable OTC claims.
  3. 2016 Annual Meeting Recap
  4. “FDA Guidance for Industry – Request for Quality Metrics” alerts companies that FDA is seeking comments on this subject.
  5. The Story of Homeopathy Told in Upcoming Feature Documentary
  6. “Do Your Dosage Forms Appeal to Consumers?” reviews current research regarding consumer attitudes that may help you develop new products or promote existing offerings.
  7. Annual HPCUS Meeting Recap
  8. Hatch, Paulsen Introduce Bill to Enhance HSA, FSA
  9. “U.S. FDA Establishment Inspections” outlines areas that the industry needs to work on relevant to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) inspection. (Look for this in the members-only section.)
  10. Webinar Review: FDA’s View on Compliance

The following articles from 2016 are also available to help members support and grow their businesses.