The History of AAHP


AAHP was founded in 1923 and its early members included Boericke & Tafel, Ehrhart & Karl, Humphrey’s Pharmacal, John A. Borneman & Sons, Luyties Pharmacal, and Otis Clapp & Sons. 

From the early part of the century until the 1970s, the trajectory of U.S. homeopathic market was in decline. This caused both a decline in homeopathic manufacturers and, in those that remained, a shift away from homeopathic products being their primary offering. 

For instance, Standard Homeopathic Company (now Hyland’s Naturals) focused on “Hyland’s Pink Aspirin for Children”; Borneman & Sons and others were drug wholesalers; Luyties Pharmacal formed a company called Inland Alkaloids that concentrated on various alkaloids and chemical constituents. The homeopathic industry was shifting from “mom and pop pharmacies” to small manufacturers beginning to operate on larger scales. Due to these divergences, the association functioned more as a friendly social forum for competitors than an association working on behalf of a disparate membership. 

The resurgence and consistent growth of the U.S. homeopathic market in the late 1970s through today parallels AAHP’s extraordinary growth and its activities. The following is a list of the activities and achievements AAHP has garnered over the last several decades.  

AAHP Accomplishments Over 40 Years 

1980s  AAHP launches its ongoing Compliance Through Education events for industry. 
1981  AAHP meets with FDA with proposal regarding Criteria for Rx Homeopathic Drugs. 
1983–1988  AAHP members work together to further the dialog with, and address concerns expressed by, FDA, which resulted in Compliance Policy Guidance 400.400 that brought stability and growth to the industry for nearly 30 years.  
1990  AAHP meets with FDA regarding solution to complexity of Drug Listing requirements. 
1991  AAHP successfully petitions FDA to not require only English names on product labels. 
1994  AAHP successfully petitions FDA for exemption from solid dose imprinting rule. 
1994  AAHP successfully petitions FDA for exemption from alcohol content limits. 
1999  AAHP writes and sponsors continuing education course for pharmacists. 
2000  AAHP supports AIH’s rededication of the Samuel Hahnemann Monument. 
2002  AAHP conducts market survey on size, sales, and product line distribution. 
2005  AAHP successfully supports reversal U.S. Customs Service classification of HDPs as “food.” 
2007  AAHP contracts for first of two analysis of Poison Control Centers data on HDP safety. 
2011  AAHP begins federal relations program to education Congressional members on homeopathic drugs and appropriate regulations. 
2011  AAHP hosts Congressional luncheon briefing for Capitol Hill staff. 
2011–2012  AAHP works with FDA to simplify electronic drug listing for multiple attenuations of HDPs. 
2013  AAHP honors Senator Tom Harkin with an award in appreciation for his support of health care choices. 
2014  AAHP honors Senator Barbara Ann Mikulski for her support of policies that safeguard homeopathic manufacturers and medicines. 
2015  Renewed FDA attention on homeopathic products due to unexpected growth of consumer usage leads to two-day hearings where AAHP takes leading role, including contracting second analysis of Poison Control Centers data on HDP safety. 
2015  AAHP takes a leading role organizing expert panelist for Federal Trade Commission workshop on clinical trial of homeopathic products or a disclaimer statement on labeling and advertising.  
2016  AAHP develops, consumer tests, and adopts a disclaimer wording to address FTC’s concerns. 
2016  AAHP meets with former Senator Harkin to discuss long term legislative strategies. 
2018  After more than 40 legislative visits, AAHP successfully works with Senators and Representatives to send letters to FDA regarding consequences of withdrawing CPG 400.400. 
2018  AAHP submits comments to FDA’s draft guidance with suggested changes. 
2019   AAHP meets with FDA to voice industry concerns regarding the agency’s draft guidance. 
2019  FDA publishes revision to draft guidance, incorporating some of AAHP suggestions resulting in FDA’s definition of homeopathic drugs includes only those monographed in HPUS. 
2019–2021  AAHP hosts series of “Summits” to create a common basis for the industry and FDA to move forward; the “Summits” address technical gaps in cGMPs and other topics to provide additional education opportunities towards compliance. 
2019  AAHP launches an annual industry reception and Integrative Medicine Retailer Award. 
2020  AAHP supports members in litigation with FDA by filing amicus briefs. 
2021  AAHP educates industry members on new reporting requirements from CARES Act. 


AAHP Legacy 

The legacy of AAHP is in substantially shepherding the development of the regulatory framework over the last decades. The resulting stable environment attracted investment and business flourished.  

The stability in the marketplace increased broader retail access to and visibility of the products. In turn, a broader audience continues to discover and benefit from homeopathic products. Despite a current less-than-friendly regulatory environment, much is built upon AAHP’s regulatory expertise and decades of work with FDA and FTC as described throughout a booklet being published for the association’s 100th anniversary. 

The development of these positive marketing conditions would not have been possible without the support of AAHP member companies, and the collegial relationship fostered through working together. 

Many factors have dramatically required AAHP to evolve, yet the core goal remains the same: educating manufacturers to offer high-quality products and communicate clearly with consumers.  

As we move forward, the challenges and opportunities facing the homeopathic industry continue to evolve. Yet, our core mission remains unchanged—to educate manufacturers, ensure the availability of high-quality products, and foster transparent communication with consumers. We eagerly anticipate the continued growth and success of our association, driven by the unwavering dedication of our member companies and the spirit of collaboration that binds us together. 

If you share our passion for homeopathic products and are interested in joining our community, we invite you to explore the membership opportunities available. Together, we will shape the future of homeopathy, providing greater access, knowledge, and benefits to all. Thank you for being a part of AAHP's extraordinary journey, and here's to the bright future that lies ahead.