What Was Important to AAHP Members in 2021?

2021 was a year of successes and celebrations, but AAHP members found some topics especially important. From people in homeopathy to important regulatory matters, here are the top five items members founds most important this year:


1. 50 years a Homeopath: Interview with Eric Foxman

AAHP’s most viewed article this year was an interview with the association’s secretary, Eric L. Foxman. Eric, who joined AAHP about 40 years ago, has 50 years of industry experience in the homeopathic industry. The article takes a deeper look into Eric’s experience, how he got his start in homeopathy, and how the industry has changed throughout his career.


2. Dilution Process Validation Is Complex and Data Drive

Dilution Process Validation was broken down in the second-most viewed article. The complex and data-driven process seeks to prove that a process reliably produces the intended product. By nature, the process is incredibly complex and presents several challenges including adsorption, surface activity, and colloid formation of the active ingredients. This article takes a closer look at the process and how using a data-driven approach may help with some of the complexities of the process.


3. AAHP Disclaimer Helps Win Two Lawsuits

AAHP’s recommendation for consumer label and advertising disclaimers proved that it is worth the valuable space it occupies this year. The recommendations were first adopted in 2012 and revised in 2017 after the Federal Trade Commission expressed concerns about homeopathic product claims. In lawsuits filed by the Center for Inquiry against retailers CVS and Walmart, the Center for Inquiry claimed that by the retailers placing homeopathic products near “science-based” medicines, they implied there was no difference in the products. However, judges dismissed the lawsuits based on the products being labeled as homeopathic on the front of the boxes.


4. International Coalition of Homeopathic Associations

In this article, AAHP President, Mark Land, discussed a piece written that discussed the need for an international coalition of homeopathic associations. While there are multiple associations of regulatory authority around the world, as well as a memorandum of understanding between Health Canada, U.S.A’s FDA, and Mexico, there are no international coalitions for homeopathy. In the article, he also explained that the possibility of such a coalition was more possible today than ever before and ways in which it could become a reality for homeopaths around the world.


5. Member’s Heads-Up on Two New Hot FDA Announcements

AHHP President Mark Land’s November column alerted the industry to two breaking news items from FDA. First, FDA cautioned parents not to give cough and cold OTCs — including homeopathic products — to children under the age of 4. Second, companies — including homeopathic manufacturers and marketers — are required to annually report their drug production numbers to FDA as the result of the CARES Act. The deadline to submit 2020 numbers is Feb. 15, 2022. The deadline to submit 2021 numbers is May 16, 2022.